Web Builder - E-Commerence Suggestions

Hi team Aprendeapps ,

Just managed to test out the E-Commerce section and would like to propose some suggestions.

  1. Please Add Currency - Singapore Dollars.
  2. Please Add Social Icon - https://carousell.com/
  3. Please Add more Shipping options to provide more options like e.g: express , normal and its individual options add-ons charges.
  4. Payment gateway - what is the system default using? Paypal? if paypal, please do add in the paypal icon to reflect it so customers can know if they are selecting paypal by default.
  5. Payment gateway - more options such as bank transfer.. for biz like to me to add in bank transfer information so customers direct wire their payment to me and update their shipment.
  6. CMS for payment and orders consodilation and stuff - need more work on this.

aprendeapps replied
2 Years

We have noted all your suggestions and we will consider implementing them. Thank you very much for your contributio!