Website Page To be used in Mobile App

I want to use few of my website pages in my mobile app, do I need to use Link feature from the app builder 2.0 and provide my website link url there ?? Please suggest.
Also if someone can help me how to get the username and password for iOS app previewer 2.0. I have business account with the platform but don't know how to create username and password for iOS previewer.

aprendeapps replied
2 Years

Yes, you can use the LINK page to show your website on the app, simply put the adress in the field and verify that "Activated" label is on "Yes".
And you can do the same on 1.0 app builder using the MOBILE pagetype, it works similar, just putting the adress on a field.
The username and password for app previewer is just the same of the app builder.

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