"Native" mobile functions - App Builder 1.0

I'm having trouble getting a link in my app to work properly.

The link contains a "native" command for android (or whichever OS you are using) to open another app, or the choice to choose which app you want to open the link in.

It is just going directly to the error page that says something like:

"The Web page at intent://qr?code=http://mca.sh/s/....../#Intent;scheme=... ... might be temporarily down or it may have been moved blablabla."

It works perfectly if I open the link above link in chrome directly for example, but does not work from within my app.

stianeggumtellnes replied
2 Years
Never mind this!!!

I found out today about the "custom URL Schemes" which work great!

I added "external://" in front of the link above, and it worked perfectly!
stianeggumtellnes replied
2 Years

This is the original link, it will then take you to another site where you can choose to open it with the app, but this doesn't work from within the app, it does work elsewhere on my phone though.
aprendeapps replied
2 Years
Can you send us the link so we can check it?