Google Play says I dont have permission to use app templates

  • Hello,
Google play store has rejected my APP due to permission rights,

they say that I have to prove :

  • "You have written documentation proving that you have permission to use a 3rd party's intellectual property in your app or store listing (e.g. Brand names and logos, graphic assets, audio, etc.)."
Considering this my question is, can we use templates to build our own apps anb publish them on the app store? If yes, how can I prove that? if not, it isn't a little absurd to offer these templates?

Thank you very much ! ^__^

josepoliverasescura replied
2 Years
Ok, I suspect is this case, because I have seen other apps with same graphics.

I asked for more information, I'm waiting response from Google.

Thank you !
aprendeapps replied
2 Years

Thanks for your question.

As you can imagine, the templates are for, as its name indicates, a way to have the structure of an application already made but to which you have to add your own content (text, images, videos, etc.).

There are many users who may have used the same template and Google has algorithms to detect duplicate content. It works just like on web pages.

You should check with the Google Play review team to get exactly what they believe is duplicate and change or appeal.