Facebook problems - App builder 1.0

I'm having trouble with some facebook functions within the app:

Using blank html as the base page:
- Using the javascript code from facebook to embed pages, it doesn't display correctly, it only shows the name of the page in plain text. When I click this, I get to the page I want but it is now in "mobile view" as I would have seen it in my browser etc. on my phone.
- Using the iframe code from facebook to embed pages, it does display correctly, however it is horrible at adapting to different container sizes, and also most of the links are unclickable.
- Using iframe code to embed facebook posts etc., but most posts/links are unclickable, especially those referring to another location on facebook (other pages, events, posts), as well as some external links. Media seems to be fine though.

Using the native facebook page:
- After I log in, I go to my general "home page" on facebook, not the page I wanted to go to. Also, facebook is now in "mobile view" as well, which is not really what I intended.

stianeggumtellnes replied
2 Years
and also, the native page like I said, doesn't take me to the page I wanted, is there any way to fix this?
stianeggumtellnes replied
2 Years
Does this mean that javascript doesn't work, or is bugged within the app? If so, what are the limitations?
aprendeapps replied
2 Years
The only option to add a Facebook page is through the native page. And indeed it is a mobile view within a native page, but it is perfectly integrated within the app. At the moment it is the only possible option.