Temporary solution to recover Apps

We are in process of recovering apps, but there are still some apps that are not recovered.
This is a temporay solution to recover your apps in case you have the generated files:

1.- Rename the .apk file as .zip and extract the file to your computer
2.- When extracting it in your computer, go to the folder of / assets / main / and all the content that is inside compress it into a new .zip file (ejem: backup.zip)
3.- Go to the platform and create a new blank App
4.- Go to the option to Restore a backup and indicate the .zip file of step 2 (backup.zip)
5.- Ready !, the app stays on the platform
6.- If you want you can make this app a into a new App for iOS and Ready!

And what to do if you don't have binary file? What to do in this case?
In this case, if your app has been published on Google Play, we recommend to do this:
1.- Go to the page https://apkpure.com/
2.- Locate the URL of the app in the store ( for example https://play.google.com/store/apps/details...)
3- Download the .APK
and make the restore process described before.

Best regards,